Our objective at Nifnex® Success Academy is to Inspire YOU as a business owner, create positivity within your team and provide the right knowledge to help you make informed decisions to grow your business.

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Vision of the Academy

The Success Academy has a simple yet global vision to work with and assist businesses who want to help others whilst building communities of passionate business people.

Our objective is to Inspire YOU as a business owner, create Positivity within your work environment and provide the right Knowledge for you to make informed decisions to grow your business.



Academy Events

The monthly academy events are fun, energetic, inspiring  and themed around business essential topics which every business owner and business professional will benefit from. Hear from members who have similar success & challenges in business to yourself and identify solutions that the invited panelists share from their experience and expertise which will assist you in implementing it within your own business.  


How Are We Unique

We make our networking events fun, collaborative and educational for you to feel part of the community whilst creating a supportive environment for referrals & Nifnex handshakes. Knowledge share is more powerful than merely handing out business cards so it boils down to being seen, heard and talked about and we have the right online resources and print newspaper to get your message to be heard by the business community.


Membership Details

Nifnex Memberships Perth

There are three membership levels to suit businesses, entrepreneurs & anyone who is interested in learning, sharing their knowledge, building contacts & relationships.

Silver is well suited for members who may not be able to attend most of our monthly events due to travel, lifestyle or other reasons however want to belong to a strong, helpful and nurturing business community. They enjoy the benefit of a 50% discount to attend the academy events when they can make it. They get to share their knowledge via writing articles, promote their events to the community through Nifnex, have their presence on the Nifnex directory and also generate leads and handshakes through us.

Gold is the most popular membership option and would suit business owners and professionals who are looking to making a difference in the community by educating their peers, contributing to the print edition, would like a stronger presence online through us and prefer the accountability & personal brand opportunities. Easy $495 + gst a year or pay $49+gst per month option direct debit.

Platinum is well suited to business professionals and keynote speakers who would like to attract keynote speaking opportunities locally, nationally or internationally and have opportunities sent directly to them online. It also forms a pool of expertise to source panel members for our own and external events. $795 +gst annual fee or $79+gst pay by the month option.

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Nifnex is one of Perth's fastest growing business communities where members get together once a month for networking & panel discussions on essential business topics. We offer Quality Networking, Mentoring by panel members, Breakout sessions, Knowledge Share, Nifnex handshakes & Business Contacts that lead to you making Informed Decisions, Avoid making costly mistakes, More leads, relationships & sales to grow your business & Achieve your Goals.